“A new model of Management created service-minded thinking of you”

……….Says  Welcome to our website

“Importer and exporter which produces and sells own products in an optimal and recognized quality, and third, by tradition, from its rightful place of origin.  At unbeatable prices and made available worldwide through our authorized distribution channels Officer ”

“We are driving a Business Enterprise Platform socially motivated, created and ideas for entrepreneurs, artisans, or Small Business (Pymes)  those who offer them our full potential and logistics, thus opening the doors to all the major national and international markets “

* Ask about our commitments .. 

* If we were not an opportunity for you, you never would offer it because:


……. .No Sells expectations if not realities.

*……We are at your service….Always with our customers, so we deserve because we work Your business Paraty, with and for you.



Note: Now in English, put the cursor on the menu.


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Corporación Internacional de Gestión Empresarial y de Negocios, Importadora y Expotadora, E-commerce, Consultora, y Especialista en Formación Profesional que reúne a grandes profesionales especializados en en el Desarrollo Personal, Emprendedor, Profesional, Empresarial, Social, Ayuda humanitaria, Medio Ambiente y Ecología a Nivel Mundial.

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