..This Is a company that has as its objectives to promote dialogue and work together: Companies, governments and the rest of society in the world in order to build and apply jointly a development model more sustainable than the current, clarifying the necessary skills to successfully cover the roles and responsibilities taken with the aim of serving, first of all starting with home-education and respect for the environment- in labor leading by example in the production of our own products for the benefit of the Environment and Ecology.

As a company responsible for the Environment and Ecology we need to devote ourselves in form and substance to prevent environmental hazards instead of acting upon the occurrence of such risks and for this we have required specific training to have or achieve a proactive vision able to apply the concepts of continuous improvement on a daily, identifying opportunities for change and improvement for competitiveness.

We optimize our resources, leveraging potential synergies that allow us greater linkage systems with company strategy and improving the quality of management comprehensively, transcendent character of environmental responsibility to carry out our work by relating with a great diversity of people, this has important implications for the formation of criteria for strengthening our relations skills effectively with a multiplicity of actors.
We will also promote training directed to the emerging profession of environmental manager, based not only on the needs of the profile but also consider the training offered at the time, being a tool for human resource managers to help them select, train and plan careers within their organizations.

The Environmental Responsibility of ShoShana Sales Corporation World, rests with senior management and managers, professionals in environmental sciences or technical degrees, or specialized studies, or other similar and extensive experience at board level members, with powers balanced between technical, strategic, organizational and relational importance of generic skills, managers own profiles. Knowledge competency units – Technique: monitoring and control of environmental activities of the Company. – Technology – Strategic: identifying opportunities for improvement. – Organizational: implementation, organization and management of environmental protection in the company – Relational: communication, training and information for staff of the company and its suppliers. – Transverse: leadership and teamwork, adaptability and innovation, resource management and organization, communication and influence. Ability to relate. – Analytical mind. – Planners and forecasters. – Abilities; Solving capacity. – Negotiation skills, leadership. Team management. – And in features Project design experience. – I treat customers. – Preparation of offers and budgets, negotiate and close deals. coordination of teams and training in foreign languages.

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“We are natural activists who believe in the need for change and we dedicate our time to do something about it because our main reason is the passion and vision of a better future.  We urge you to join in the cause of responsibility in protecting the environment and ecology Whatever your age, your means or your home, because people like you, know with certainty that they have the power to change things for the welfare of all”