Our products and services are the result of a perfect study after detecting market needs , knowing full well the problems of them today .
*Considering, that is Error and Marketing Horror many companies target the product is that ” WE SELL SOLUTIONS AND BENEFITS COVERING THE EXPECTATIONS THAT THE FREE MARKET DEMANDS “

The ” guided by its Product Companies “  have as a point of heading the virtues of their products themselves , waiting for the customer is interested in them because, without necessarily meet their needs.  These ” companies ” do not start from the need of the customer , no, not the properties of the product , your product without regard to any product feature not interested at all.  Clear evidence that reveals that the only thing that interests these ” companies ” is what they will gain from these sales , generating more than anything climates of distrust.


  Change the Game Rules Market

…… Made , Producing and / or creating products from its rightful place of origin, tradition, quality and purity guarantee and our services that provide you more than you expect yourself . Breaking patterns and borders available to you because :

Under this concept, our commitment is to achieve not only the best of the best of those products as famous as emblematic and important its impact and international demand in order to satisfy the most demanding customer supported our logistics , which, we offer in different parts of the world prices of direct producer to consumer , avoiding own surcharges handling “Third Parties” as well as provide first class services by the most representative professionals of great international career in his specialty, under our brands:



Incense & Conitos



Sports Footwear and Fashion for Young Men and Adults



Sports Footwear and Fashion for Youth and Adult Women , also Unixes

For our isotypes :







… And is that

ShoShana Sales Corporation World

“Factory, manufactures , develops , creates, produces and also gives you the best services at all levels, everything you expect and more “




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